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The latest news and happenings in the world of construction toys.

LEGO Ultra Agents 2014 Pictures Surface

LEGO Star Wars Summer 2014 Pictures Surface

LEGO Turtle Lair Invasion Movie Pictures Surface

Pictures of the Summer 2014 LEGO Movie Sets Surface

Pictures of the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Surface

CUBESTORMER 3 (Mindstorms) Breaks Rubik's Cube Solving Record...3.25 Seconds!

Exclusive LEGO Lord Vitruvius Minifig with Collector's Edition LEGO Movie Blu-ray

Big Bang Theory Project on LEGO Cuusso Hits 10k Supporters

LEGO Sandcrawler and LEGOLand Miniland Set Picture Surfaces

Mattel Takes Aim at LEGO, Buys Mega Bloks for $460 Million

LEGO Hero Factory, Arctic City Polybags Surface

Mega Bloks To Release Assassin's Creed Sets in 2014!

Ionix Snags Pokemon License, Sets Coming in 2014

Ionix Gets The How To Train Your Dragon 2 License for Building Sets

Mega Bloks Picks Up The Spongebob Squarepants License

K'Nex Signs License for Titanfall Sets, Pictures

K'Nex Signs License To Make Plants vs. Zombies Sets, Pictures

The LEGO Movie Sequel Is In The Works

LEGO Movie Soundtrack is Now Available

LEGO Ghostbusters Set Coming!

LEGO Sandcrawler Listed on Dutch Website, May the 4th Release?

LEGO Movie Video Game Pre-Order Minifigs Emerge

HALO Mega Bloks Series 8 Micro Action Figure Pics, In Stores

Wal-Mart Red Tags Many Popular LEGO and Mega Bloks Sets

LEGO Simpsons House Official Pictures, TV Show + Collectible Minfigs!

Pictures of LEGO Simpsons House Surface

LEGO Agents Theme Coming Back in 2014, List of Set Names

4 More LEGO Movie Sets Coming, MetalBeard's Sea Cow Picture

Epic LEGO Car That Runs on Air!

2014 LEGO Mixels Pictures Surface

K'Nex Releases Family Guy Theme

The Bridge Direct Launches Construction Toys, WWE Theme

Images Released for World World 2 Call of Duty MB Sets in 2014!

2014 LEGO Star Wars and Chima Sets Appearing in Europe!

LEGO Cuusoo Mars Curiosity Rover Image Released + Interview

The LEGO Movie Minifigure Packs Appearing in Target

2 New LEGO Hobbit Polybags Showing Up at Toys R Us

LEGO Merida Minifigure Preview - LEGO 41051

LEGO Hobbit Video Game Coming, Release Date Spring 2014

LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Pictures, + 2 More New Sets

New Ninjago 2014 Set and City Set Surfaces

2014 LEGO Star Wars Pictures Surface

2014 LEGO Hero Factory Pictures Surface

2014 LEGO Creator Pictures Surface

2014 LEGO Disney Princess Pictures Surface

KMart Slips Up, Posts LEGO 2014 Chima Set, Bat Strike

Pictures for All The LEGO Movie Sets Have Arrived!

LEGO Movie Metal Beard's Dual Picture Surfaces

LEGO Movie Luchador Wrestler Minifigure Appears on eBay

Minifigure Scale LEGO Minecraft Sets Coming!

Pictures of New LEGO Batman, Chima, Star Wars, Princess, LEGO Movie Sets Surface

The LEGO Movie: Cloud Cuckoo Palace Picture, Plus Series 12 Minfigures

Google Switzerland Creates Amazing Vader/Yoda Portrait

LEGO Superheroes: Man-Bat Picture and 2 Avengers Assemble Sets

LEGO Architecture Eiffel Tower Coming in 2014

2014 LEGO Hobbit Desolation of Smaug Pictures

LEGO Simpsons Minifigures Surface

Picture of LEGO Batman Penguin Face-Off Leaked

Two New LEGO Super Hero Polybags at TRU

Mega Bloks Unveils Two Call of Duty Zombie Sets

Full Lineup of Call of Duty Mega Bloks Sets at New York Comic Con

LEGO Watch Collection Coming For AFOLs

Keep YouTube LEGO Videos Clean with the KicVidz LEGO App

How To Watch LEGO Legends of Chima Online

LEGO Unveils the Parisian Restaurant

A LEGO Calendar That Digitally Syncs to iCal

Brick Warriors Releases Mystery Packs for $4

LEGO Unveils Maersk

News: 2014 LEGO Ninjago Pictures Surface of 3 Sets

LEGO Posts 2014 Ninjago Poster, Minifig Image Surfaces

Skylanders: Swap Force Mega Bloks Set Spotted at Toy R' Us

LEGO Employee Minifig Polybag, Exclusive?

LEGO Thriller Animation by Annette June

Mega Bloks Call of Duty Sets in Stores, Pictures!

Brick Warriors Releases New Gladiator Accessories, More Steel Items

LEGO Legends of Chima Water Park Coming to LEGOLand CA in 2014

LEGO Yoda Chronicles Release Date Set for September 30th

London Fashion Week Celebrated with LEGO Dress

Fishspace Lets You Landscape Fish Tanks with LEGO

List of 2014 LEGO Disney Princess Names

2 New Minecraft Sets Now Available Online!

The Roomba Shark Cat Gets the LEGO Treatment

Nanoblock to Make Mega Man Sets

Mega Bloks Launches World of Warcraft Mystery Packs, Series 1 List, Pictures

List of 2014 LEGO Legends of Chima Sets

LEGO BTTF Time Machine Sold Out at

Black LEGO Millennium Falcon Sells for $1350 on eBay

LEGO Millennium Falcon Sells for $12,500 on eBay

List of 2014 LEGO Batman Sets

List of 2014 LEGO Star Wars Sets, Wave 1

4 Exclusive LEGO SDCC Minifigs Sell for $4000 on eBay!

List of 2013 LEGO Hobbit Sets Discovered

LEGO Thief Gets 1 Month Prison, 3 Months House Arrest

LEGO To Make Sets for The Simpsons in 2014

LEGO Exclusive SDCC Azog Minifig Selling for $1500

LEGO Mixels Coming in 2014

LEGO Unveils New Hobbit Set, Lake-Town Chase, Picture

LEGO Selling Exclusives Star Wars, Hobbit Set at SDCC

LEGO Winter Village Cottage Unveiling

LEGO Unveils 2 New LEGO Minecraft Sets, Pictures

KRE-O Announces Dungeons & Dragons Theme

KRE-O Introduces CityVille Invasion Sets, Pictures

17 Sets Based On LEGO Movie Coming in 2014!

Pictures of Coming LEGO Batman: Riddler Chase Set

LEGO Unveils the Winter Village Market, Pictures

4 Exclusive SuperHero Minifigs Coming to SDCC

MINECON Coming to Orlando, FL in 2013

Woman Makes LEGO Leg For Her Amputated Leg

LEGO Ninjago Movie Coming To The Big Screen

LEGO Builder Creates A Motorized SR-71 Blackbird with Joystick

Epic LEGO Helicopter is Destroyed

LEGO Reveals Largest LEGO Model Ever to Promote Yoda Chronicles

Is This The Future of LEGO?

More LEGO Minecraft Coming?

Pictures of the Ewok Village set 10236

Prices for Ewok Village, Winter Market and Sydney Opera House

2014 LEGO Ninjago Set Names

13,000+ FT LEGO Train Track Breaks World Record!

LEGO Putting Free Legends of Chima Sets With Online Orders

Pictures of Coming LEGO Jedi Defender-Class Cruiser

Man Finds 2 LEGO Mr. Gold Minifigs

Meet the LEGO XBox 360 Disc Changer

Man Builds A LEGO Hand Mixer

LEGO Iron Patriot Minifig Coming...Sort Of

LEGO Announces LOTR Tower of Orthanc Set

LEGO Mr. Gold Found, Sells For Thousands!

Series 10 LEGO Minifigs in the USA

Brick Show Films Launches

Croc Swamp Hideout Chima Picture Surfaces

Pictures of Coming LEGO HH-87 Starhopper Surface

More Production in China for LEGO, Less for Mega Bloks

Pictures of LEGO Superman: Battle of Smallville

LEGO Contraption That Makes Paper Airplanes

Exclusive Special Forces LEGO Clone Trooper Coming in July

Harlem Shake (Brick Show Edition)

LEGO Reports Record Sales for 2012

LEGO LOTR Orthanc Set Coming This Summer

LEGO Ewok Village Coming in 2013

LEGO Ninjago Returning in 2014

Rumor: LEGO License with The Simpsons Coming?

LEGO Spill Causes Traffic Jam in West Virginia

Exclusive Bilbo Baggins Minifig Part of The Hobbit Blu-ray Release

Picture of Series 10 Minifigures Has Surfaced

LEGO Releasing Removable Headphones This Summer

LEGO Spills the Beans on Iron Man 3 [SPOILER ALERT]

LEGO Chima Sets Already on Retiring Soon Page

LEGO UCS Red 5 X-Wing Fighter Coming in May

2013 LEGO Lord of the Rings Sets Coming in March

Picture of New 2013 LEGO Modular, Palace Cinema, Discovered

Pictures of 2013 Iron Man 3 Sets

Pictures of 2013 K'Nex Mario Kart 7 Set Pictures

Pictures of 2013 K'Nex Angry Birds Sets

Pictures of 2013 K'Nex Pac-Man Sets

More Beatles & Kiss Sets from K'Nex in 2013

LEGO Star Wars: Empire Strikes Out Release Date & Exclusive Minifig

LEGO Batman: The Movie Release Date Set for May 21st

Pictures of Coming 2013 LEGO Superman Sets Surface

Gold Minifigs Coming to the Collectible Minifigure Packs